Dekalb Water Watch

Let's Fight for Our Right to Water!

Thank you for your interest in Dekalb Water Watch! If you are dealing with an outrageously high water bill, you are not alone! Dekalb residents have been receiving high bills without explanation for years. County officials claim that the issue has been solved, but we, the citizens, know otherwise. 

You may be tempted to work out a payment plan or seek out the help of a community organization to pay your bill. However, individual-level solutions will not solve this problem. We need large-scale change to stop this issue from occurring, and we will not stop until all of the debt is canceled, and there are no more inaccurate bills. 

Please join us! There is power in numbers. All are welcome— even if you are not struggling with a high bill right now, it could be you next month. The only way for this to end is to remind the county officials that they work for us, and their first responsibility is to do right by their constituents